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Pennsylvania Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

720 Museum Rd Reading PA 19611

Phone: 610-374-8331

Fax: 610-374-9331

Office Hours:    

Monday - Thursday     8:30 am - 5:30 pm    

Friday                          Closed

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Ministry Name Extension Email

Ray Hartwell

221 rhartwell@paconference.org
Administrative Assistant Regina Hennlein 220 rhennlein@paconference.org
Vice President for Mission and Administration Will Peterson 249 wpeterson@paconference.org
Administrative Assistant Lori Landa 217 llanda@paconference.org
Membership Diane Reese 248 dreese@paconference.org
Hispanic Membership Eunice Robinson 200 erobinson@paconference.org
Vice President for Education Jeff Bovee 213 jbovee@paconference.org
Administrative Assistant Daisy Lopez 212 dlopez@paconference.org
Treasurer Ron Christman 204 rchristman@paconference.org
Associate Treasurer Karen Schneider 206 kschneider@paconference.org
Assistant Treasurer Barb Johns 201 bjohns@paconference.org
Accountant Diane Matthews 222 dmatthews@paconference.org
Church Auditor Rodney Brown   rbrown@paconference.org
Children's Ministries Charity Stone   cstone@paconference.org
Communications Director Tamyra Horst 236 thorst@paconference.org
Community Services Director Jeannette Dare   jdare@paconference.org
Director of Leadership and Spiritual Growth 214  
Ministerial Associate Jeanne Hartwell 218 jhartwell@paconference.org
Family Ministries Director Jeanne Hartwell 218 jhartwell@paconference.org
Hispanic Ministries Coordinator Juan Lopez jlopez@paconference.org
Laurel Lake Camp Facilities Director Gary Moran   laurellakecamp@verizon.net
Receptionist Eunice Robinson 200 erobinson@paconference.org
Prayer Ministries Charity Stone   cstone@paconference.org
Stewardship and Planned Giving Ron Christman 204 rchristman@paconference.org
Youth and Young Adult Ministries Director
211 pa-youth@paconference.org  
Cool Camp   212 pa-youth@paconference.org
Mission Trips   212 pa-youth@paconference.org
Pathfinders/Adventurers   212 pa-youth@paconference.org
Summer Camp Ministries Director Ever Perez   eeperez@paconference.org
Pennsylvania Youth Challenge Tiffany Brown   tabrown@paconference.org
Administrative Assistant Daisy Lopez 212 dlopez@paconference.org
Women's Ministries Tamyra Horst 236 thorst@paconference.org




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