Tim Bailey

Director of Leadership and Spiritual Growth   

The role of the Pennsylvania Ministerial Department is to equip pastors to achieve their highest personal and professional potential.

The Director of Leadership and Spiritual Growth serves to support and guide the ministerial and evangelistic activities of the pastors, lay pastors and church leaders in the Pennsylvania Conference. Resources provided or coordinated through this department include: Seminars and continuing education, tapes and video seminars, evangelistic resources such as current and new methods, advertising and coaching in approaches.

We have looked at the number of ideas and programs that are often communicated to pastors and churches for promotion.  While several ministries in PA seek to do so many good things, we have listed 6 selected things that we are asking our pastors and churches to be sure get promoted and not be left out or overlooked.  That doesn't mean you won't hear of the many excellent ministries in addition to these:  *Evangelism, *Conference Mission Training and Equipping, *Youth, *Blue Mountain Academy and Christian Education, *Health Ministry, *Stewardship.

2014 Evangelistic Initiative

2014 Day of Missional Training

2014 Day of Prayer and Consecration

Hospitality in the Local Church

Forms for Pastors

Resources for Pastors

Great Resources


GC Theology of Ordination website




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