Please join us in praying for our churches and schools. Each month, we focus on a different school and each week, we focus on a different church district.

Prayer Focus

January Prayer Focus

January 4-10       Conference Office Team with President Ray Hartwell

January 11-17    Adventist WholeHealth with interim administrator Alysha Hollingshead

January 18-24    Simplicity: An Urban Ministry with young adult missionaries

January 25-31    Adventist Book Center with manager Jason Flowers

January School  Fairview Village Seventh-day Adventist School with Principal Kaisy Marschner

December Prayer Focus

November 30-December 6 – Joy of Life Simple Church with Joe and Cynthia Stigora

December 7-13 – Capital Area with Elder John Hoch

December 14-20 – Lebanon with Lance Moncrieffe

December 21-27 – Washington Heights with Moses Sosigian

December 28-January 3 – East Suburban with Donald Lewis

December School – Mountain View with Principal Frank Stahl

Want to get more involved in praying? Join our Blue Mountain Academy Prayer Partners Team and pray for a student at Blue Mountain Academy!

Blue Mountain Academy Prayer Patch Partners have encouraged students, revealed God, and made a lasting impression on young people by simply praying regularly, sending a note or card often, and sending a care package occasionally. God has often timed those notes and packages to arrive just at that moment when a student needed a reminder that someone cared.

You can impact the life of a young person. God will use you as you partner with Him to pray for a student and remind them that someone cares through a simple card, short note, or the gift of cookies or other simple treat.

You could be the difference that gives a student hope, courage or a smile on a tough day.

Sign up today by contacting Rosemary Eyer at reyer@bma.us or download a sign up form. 

You’ll receive the name of a BMA student.

Pray regularly.

Send a note, card or care package occasionally.

God will do the rest.




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