Adventist Community Services (ACS) volunteers provide disaster response services through the ACS Disaster Response Ministry to assist individuals, families and communities affected by natural and manmade disasters and unforeseen tragedies. ACS has developed an expertise in Donations Management through Multi Agency Warehouses, Collection and Distribution Centers.  During other responses ACS has assisted as requested by feeding survivors and first responders, chain saw teams, debris cleanup and mucking out, temporary roofing, spontaneous volunteer reception centers and in home repair as part of long term recovery (LTR).

ACS is involved in the four phases of disaster response; Preparation, Mitigation, Response and Recovery to ensure volunteers are matched efficiently with needs in a community.  Local disaster response teams are coordinated through a local church or ACS center, conference, and regional/ Union Conference.  As a founding member of NVOAD (National Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters) ACS partners through; Collaboration, Communication, Cooperation and Coordination, with other members such as Red Cross and Salvation Army.  We also engage with local, State and National government partners, such as Emergency Management Teams and FEMA.

The Pennsylvania Conference does not have an active disaster response team, but works in conjunction with other Adventist entities when disaster strikes. How can you be prepared to help? There are several kits churches can put together and have on hand for when the need arises. Click below for a list of what goes in each kit: