Camp Meeting

Camp Meeting 2024

Mark your calendars now for June 7-15, 2024 at Blue Mountain Academy, Hamburg, Pa.

Ted Wilson

President, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Speaking June 7-8, 2024

Ted N. C. Wilson is the president of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist, serving the world church. He began his pastoral ministry in 1974 as pastor in the Greater New York Conference and later served as the assistant director and director of Metropolitan Ministries. His denominational service includes administrative and executive roles in the Mid-Atlantic United States, Africa, and Russia. 

John Bradshaw

President, It Is Written

Speaking June 12-15, 2024

John Bradshaw is the president of It Is Written, a media evangelism ministry based in Collegedale, Tennessee. His programs have been filmed on six continents and are viewed globally on It Is Written’s channel, It Is Written TV, and on numerous other channels. Pastor Bradshaw has held more than 100 evangelistic series around the world. He is married to Melissa, and they have two children.

Dwain Esmond

Back to the Altar

June 9, 2024

Now more than ever, God’s people will be effective doing the will of God in direct proportion to the time they spend in His presence. In a time of great social upheaval, widespread immorality, and rising hatred, we can afford neither to be disconnected from God nor to be lacking in the power of the Holy Spirit. This presentation is a call to come back to the place where we are transformed and renewed for God’s mission. It is a call Back to the Altar!

Dwain N. Esmond, PhD (Cand.), is an ordained minister, writer, and editor. He currently serves as Associate Director of the Ellen G. White Estate. Elder Esmond is the originator of the global Back to the Altar initiative for the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Eric Walsh

Social Unrest and Prophecy

June 10-11, 2024

Social unrest is everywhere, destabilizing society and making the world a more dangerous place. In a world where sin has caused so much pain and suffering there is a desire to protect the weak and avenge the wronged. However, Satan has a plan to use this desire to counteract the work of God. In the institutions of higher learning children are being introduce to spiritualism in the guise of progress. In this message we look at the deceptions and the truth and how we as Christians should prepare for what is coming. Walsh will also share his testimony of one raised in the church and who drifted into a revolutionary mindset because of the hatred he experienced. Hatred like violence is contagious and the people of God must develop immunity to it. Walsh learned much of the dark side of modern “liberation” movements. This message uncovers the deception Satan uses to lead people away through racial politics and describes how God brought him back.

Dr. Eric Walsh is a graduate of the University of Miami School of Medicine and Loma Linda University School of Public Health where he received his masters and doctorate in public health. His most important educational experience was his time at Oakwood University. He has served two United States presidents, George W. Bush and Barak Obama, as an advisor on HIV/AIDS. Dr. Walsh has served at several churches as an associate pastor. He is now a practicing physician and health care administrator. He travels the globe speaking on many subjects. His wife Jacqueline is his partner in ministry and his best friend.

Sabbath Concerts

Emmanuel Quartet

June 8, 2024 at 3:00 pm

Emmanuel means “God with us”.

The Emmanuel Quartet is an acapella gospel group which began in 1989 as the “Highland Academy Men’s Quartet.” In 1993 the quartet’s name was changed and The Emmanuel Quartet was born.

The quartet’s concerts are 100% acapella, featuring barbershop-style harmonies and a smooth blend of voices. The members of the quartet are not only musicians by desire, but also ministers of the gospel through music. The mission of the quartet is to reflect God’s love through music, reminding His people that He is with us and that Jesus is returning soon. Over the years, the faces have changed but the smooth harmonies and genuine spiritual message remain.

The quartet tours the United States presenting concerts to audiences of all ages and religious affiliations. They’ve also traveled internationally, participating in several evangelistic events in Indonesia, Philippines, and Guam. The quartet’s concerts are presented in a manner that would complement any Christian program or event.

Pennsylvania People

June 15, 2024 at 4:00 pm

Join us for an hour of inspiring music by musicians from across Pennsylvania. You’ll enjoy a variety of styles, individuals, and groups from our churches. It will be an afternoon of worship and praise.

Seminar Speakers

Grandparenting: Giving Our Grandchildren a Grand View of God

God’s ideal for grandparents has been marred by a world filled with sin. His original plan has been pushed out of the picture and society has blurred the clarity of the role that we, as grandparents, have been called to fill. The culture’s distracting noise screams loudly to grandparents, calling them to a life of indulgence with their grandchild while God has given them a much higher calling – that of being disciple-makers. It’s time we understand that we are a vital part of fulfilling the gospel commission as we have been God-ordained to give our grandchildren a GRAND view of God! In this seminar we will look at research, practical ideas, and have daily discussion as we explore the God-given role of grandparenting.

Claudio Consuegra and his wife, Pam, are the proud of grandparents of two little ones with whom he laughs, plays, and shares Jesus since retiring as the North American Division Family Ministries Director.

Your Beautiful Mind

There’s no such thing as an average brain or an ordinary mind. Each one of us was designed with a unique personality, purpose, and place in God’s heart. But to reach our individual potential, we need to recognize the value of our minds and learn to take good care of them.

This seminar will provide practical solutions for enhancing mental wellness and cognitive performance. You will be reminded of your inherent value, encouraged to heal from toxic shame and distorted thinking, educated about the impact of various habits and virtues on mental health, encouraged to reflect on your God-given purpose, and taught how to incorporate stress management techniques into your devotional time.

Elise Harboldt has a masters degree in biblical counseling. She is currently completing a masters in religion at Southern Adventist University, researching animal welfare in Ellen White’s writings. Elise is also a registered nurse, with a background in mental health and lifestyle medicine. She believes that God cares deeply about human flourishing, and she wants to help people flourish too.

smHEARTER Experience: Action with Reason

God created us as whole beings – body (physical), mind (mental), and soul (spiritual). Great news! Exercising harder is not smarter! You can teach your system to thrive at the cellular level while warding off cardiometabolic diseases. This seminar workshop walks you through easy steps to start and continue a daily balanced active lifestyle.

Harold Mayer, PhD, MPH, is professor of Corporate and Community Health, School of Health and Kinesiology at Southern Adventist University (SAU), Collegedale, Tennessee. Dr. Mayer’s passion is helping the general population to become active and healthy. He has dedicated his life to helping individuals of all ages and conditions to live an active lifestyle.

The Rise of Spiritualism and the Occult

The occult has crept in to all aspects of society. Even in the church many are being lulled to sleep by demonic doctrines. As the world is entertained most have no idea of how Satan is working to influence minds through music, Hollywood, and social media. Even some parts of the social justice movement has spiritualism as it’s under pining. This last day deception will be unmasked as we look at the importance of knowing God’s character to counteract deception.

Dr. Eric Walsh is a graduate of the University of Miami School of Medicine and Loma Linda University School of Public Health where he received his masters and doctorate in public health. His most important educational experience was his time at Oakwood University. He has served two United States presidents, George W. Bush and Barak Obama, as an advisor on HIV/AIDS. Dr. Walsh has served at several churches as an associate pastor. He is now a practicing physician and health care administrator. He travels the globe speaking on many subjects. His wife Jacqueline is his partner in ministry and his best friend.


Lodging Details

We have several lodging options available:

  • Dorm Rooms – each room has two single beds and ceiling fan. Bathrooms are located in the hallways. Bring your own linens, curtains, and toiletries. No cooking is allowed in the dorm rooms. Meals are available at both the cafeteria and snack bar. Located on campus.
  • Grove City Tents – each canvas tent comes with the number of requested single cots and mattresses. (Put two together to create a double bed.) They are on concrete slab floors and have 20-amp electricity. Bathhouse with showers in the center of the campground. Fires are not permitted in Grove City. Located across the street in the woods.
  • Grove City RV Area – each space includes 30-amp electricity, water, and sewer connections. Bathhouse with showers is in the Grove City tent area. Located behind the Grove City tent area.
  • Camp Keystone – located a two-minute drive down Mountain Road from campus, the campgrounds offers RV and tent space with 20-amp electric and water connection. Bathhouse with showers located in the center of the campground.
  • Cabins in Camp Keystone – there are a limited number of cabins available in Camp Keystone. Each has electric and four sets of bunks beds. Bathhouse with showers located in the center of the campground.
  • Personal Tent and RV sites on campus – prefer to stay on campus using your own tent or RV? These sites are in a field next to the boys’ dorm. No trees for shade. Porta potties available. Showers are in the boys’ dorm. 20-amp electric and water available.

Priority for special requests is given to those who are registering for the week. 

Children and Youth Activities

Destination Dig: Adventures in the Bible

Children ages 4-12 are invited to explore a Bible land archaeology dig site. Each day, young archaeologists will find and study pieces of the past to explore who Jesus is and discover that the Bible is true. Along the way, they will uncover a God who wonderfully reveals Himself when we seek and search for Him with all of our hearts (Jeremiah 29:13.) Fun afternoon recreation activities are planned. Evenings at the “dig site” include music, games, and thrilling stories.

Plugged In

Do you make sure your phone is always charged and ready to go? We make sure that our devices are plugged because we don’t want them to run out of power and not be able to use them. But what about ourselves? Are we plugged into the Power Source that will keep us charged and fulfilling our purpose? Earliteens will explore how to plug in, stay plugged in, and help others plug in to our true source of strength—God. We’ll also plug into fun activities like lake day and games, as well as plug in others through service projects.

Rediscovering Jesus

Reconnecting with Jesus at the Altar involves deepening our personal connection with Him through prayer and studying scripture. High school aged teens will delve into the characteristics of Jesus as revealed through His miracles and interactions during His time on earth. Our focus will be showcasing the beauty of Jesus and the significance of aligning ourselves with Him. John 12:32 emphasizes Jesus’ promise to draw all people to Himself when He is lifted up–by lifting up Jesus, we aim to ignite a greater desire in the lives of our youth to prioritize their time at the altar. Each day’s activities include games, icebreakers, and focus on exploring Jesus’ character while offering practical ways to connect with Him on a daily basis.

Register for Youth Events at Camp Meeting

Sunday Summer Fun Fest

5K Fun Run/Walk

7:00 am outside the entrance to Adventist WholeHealth. Get the whole family involved with the Fit Family 5k Run/ Walk which starts at  7:00 am outside the entrance to Adventist WholeHealth. You don’t want to miss this event! Registration is FREE and the first three finishers will receive a race shirt and medal. Other participants can choose to purchase a shirt and medal by registering online or in person.

Family Fun Fest

One of the highlights of camp meeting is our Sunday Fun Fest–it’s a time for families and individuals to get outside and enjoy activities, games, and great food (while supporting Pathfinders, schools, and church ministries!) There are firetrucks, EMTS, a petting zoo, water slide, crazy croquet course, soccer ball sling shots, water balloon batting practice, and so much more!

Need a break from the sunshine and craziness of fun fest? We’ll be showing a movie in the chapel at 10:00 am.

The afternoon ends with a free watermelon feast!

Register your Pathfinder Club or church ministry for a food booth and raise monies for the Gillette Camporee or other ministry needs.

Meals, Maps, Schedules, and FAQ’s

Camp Meeting 2023

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Special Features

Together for Our Kids

Sabbath, June 8 Special Feature

Join Education Superintendent Leona Bange and hear how God is impacting the lives of children and teens through Adventist Education here in Pennsylvania.

Faith in Action

Sabbath, June 17 Special Feature

Join Ministerial & Evangelism Director Yves Monnier and Assistant Evangelism Director Lillian Torres as they share the stories of lives impacted–and as we celebrate the baptisms of fourteen people!

Annual Report

Sabbath, June 17 Annual Report

Join President Gary Gibbs, Executive Secretary Shawn Shives, and Treasurer Kevin Costello as they share how God is moving across Pennsylvania.

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