Camp Meeting

Camp Meeting 2024

Ted Wilson

President, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Dwain Esmond

Back to the Altar

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Eric Walsh

Social Unrest and Prophecy

Sabbath Special Features

Education Feature

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Faith in Action

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Annual Praise Report and Concert

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Seminar Speakers

The Rise of Spiritualism and the Occult

Dr. Eric Walsh

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Your Beautiful Mind

Elise Harboldt 

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Camp Meeting 2023

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Pavel Goia

Doug Batchelor

Special Features

Together for Our Kids

Sabbath, June 8 Special Feature

Join Education Superintendent Leona Bange and hear how God is impacting the lives of children and teens through Adventist Education here in Pennsylvania.

Faith in Action

Sabbath, June 17 Special Feature

Join Ministerial & Evangelism Director Yves Monnier and Assistant Evangelism Director Lillian Torres as they share the stories of lives impacted–and as we celebrate the baptisms of fourteen people!

Annual Report

Sabbath, June 17 Annual Report

Join President Gary Gibbs, Executive Secretary Shawn Shives, and Treasurer Kevin Costello as they share how God is moving across Pennsylvania.

Listen and Download Seminars

The Four Seasons of Love

Dr. Jeffrey Brown

The Longevity Prescription

Dr. Eddie Ramirez

Effective Bible Study & Prayer

Janet Salazar

Creating Havens of Hope

Tamara Schreven

Camp Meeting 2022: Unshakeable

Watch or Listen to Worship Services

Secrets to a Powerful Prayer Life – Eric Walsh (Early AM Worship)

Listen and Download Seminars

Jesus, M.D.: Lesson from the Great Physican – Dr. Greg Steinke
Saving Our Nation: Discipleship, Mission, and Nation Building in the Gospel of Matthew – Dr. Cedric Vine

CAMP MEETING 2021: Hope Wins

Watch Recorded Worship Services

CAMP MEETING 2019 — Prophecy Now

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