Our Mission

Regeneration is an exciting initiative designed to help your congregation realize their full potential as God’s church. Through this initiative, the Pennsylvania Conference and your church form a special partnership to receive extra resources, training, and mentoring to advance the local church’s growth objectives.

In this partnership, the Conference will:
  • Provide leadership development to partner churches and pastors to grow effective leaders.

  • Provide specialized ministry training to develop and improve the ministries of the local church.

  • Challenge partner churches to grow spiritually as well as numerically.

  • Provide consulting, coaching, and mentoring to support church leaders and pastors as they lead the local church to experience God’s power.

  • Provide accountability to help churches remain focused on their mission.

  • Provide preferential allocation of evangelism resources to accomplish the mission.

In this partnership, the Church will:
  • Commit and remain committed to fulfilling the Gospel commission in their territory.

  • Discover and align the church and it‘s ministries with God’s call and purpose for the church.

  • Allocate resources (time, effort, and finances) consistent with their call.

  • Adopt an annual evangelism cycle that includes sowing, reaping, and discipling new members.

  • Commit to move in the direction of greater congregational health through participating in an intentional process such as Natural Church Development.

  • The church board will host Church Growth Practicums led by the Conference to study, plan, and pray together in order to put in place their customized growth plan.

An exciting piece of this partnership is the Church Growth Practicum where the Conference will lead church leadership through a variety of proven church growth concepts and principles. During the practicums, the church board will process the material and develop specific strategies for implementation in their local context.

Our Director

<a href="" rel="noopener" target="_blank">Stewart Lozensky</a>

Stewart Lozensky

Church Regeneration Director

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