Pennsylvania Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
720 Museum Road
Reading, PA 19611

Fax: 610.374.9331

Office Hours
Monday-Thursday 8:30 am-5:30 pm


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President Gary Gibbs Ext 220
     Administrative Assistant     Regina Hennlein Ext 220
Vice President for Mission and Administration Will Peterson Ext 249
     Administrative Assistant for Membership and Volunteer Screening     Diane Reese Ext 248
     Administrative Assistant for Secretariat and Human Resources     Liz Miranda-Charnichart Ext 217
Treasurer and Planned Giving Carlos Charnichart Ext 204
     Associate Treasurer      Horacio Hernandez-Ble Ext 206
     Assistant Treasurer      Barb Johns Ext 201
     Accountant      Diane Matthews Ext 222
     Church Auditor and Information Services      Rodney Brown Ext 207
     Receptionist and Administrative Assistant       Elizabeth Nivar Ext 200
Superintendent of Schools Jeremy Garlock Ext 213
     Administrative Assistant for Education      Lori Landa Ext 212
Director of Leadership and Spiritual Growth Tim Bailey Ext 214
    Administrative Assistant      Laura Santiago Ext 218
Communications Director, Women’s Ministries, Family Ministries, and Prayer Ministries Tamyra Horst Ext 236
Church Planting Director Dustin Hall Ext 211
Hispanic Ministries Coordinator Saud Elias Ext 202
    Administrative Assistant for Hispanic Ministries      Elizabeth Nivar Ext 200
Bible Worker/Trainer Lillian Torres
Community Services Director Jeannette Dare
Laurel Lake Camp Facilities Judy Ingram 814.938.9300
Summer Camp Director Pete Maldonado
Health Ministries Director Adventist WholeHealth Network 610.685.9900
Youth Ministries Coordinator Lillian Torres
     Pathfinder Director Pam Scheib
     PA Youth Challenge (PYC) Director Angel Smith
Children’s Ministries Director Ellen Lazo
Religious Liberty Director Tom Cusack