What is CORE?

It’s a discipleship and evangelism training program that really strengthens the CORE of your Christian experience. Find out why you are an Adventist, see Christ at the heart of every Adventist teaching, and learn how to effectively share this beautiful message with others.

Whether you are thinking of taking a gap year after high school or want to take a mission focus year while in college, CORE is a great opportunity to revitalize your faith, and to root yourself in the Adventist message.

Over the course of 9 months you will have all kinds of amazing experiences in ministry doing:

  • Bible Studies

    Students will be giving personal Bible studies and leading out in small groups with interests they gain in canvassing, social media evangelism, health work, and door-to-door witnessing.

  • Literature Evangelism

    Getting gospel literature into the hands of the community and seeing God transform people’s lives.

  • Digital Media Evangelism

    Using social media to advance the gospel cause, and learning the science behind targeted ads, and effective marketing for evangelistic events. Students will also get to meet with and learn from some of the biggest social media influencers in Adventism today.

  • Health Evangelism

    Learn how to use the health message as a way to make connections with people in your community and bring the gospel into their homes.

  • Mental Health

    Learn how to better understand your own story, find healing in your experience, and how to help others find hope who struggle with mental health challenges.

  • Organic Agriculture

    Not only will you learn how to plan, grow, cultivate, and harvest your own crops, but you’ll also see how farmer’s markets are a great way to meet people, build intentional friendships for the kingdom, and empower them to make a difference in their health.

  • Overseas Missions

    Spend 2 weeks doing an evangelistic series with a church plant in a foreign country. Watch a small congregation grow before your very eyes as the community sees Jesus in the messages shared, and the service performed to meet their needs.

Why choose CORE?


We offer a work study option to dramatically reduce your tuition through canvassing and agricultural work that are built into the program.


Upon successful completion of the CORE program students have the potential to receive academic credit for future studies.


Through multiple opportunities in service you will be able to discover and grow your spiritual gifts.


Students will learn what it’s like to be a foreign missionary by spending two weeks in a foreign context working with existing mission organizations in that area of the world.


Every aspect of the program is designed to uplift the cross to allow the students to discover their truest and deepest identity in Christ, and how to share that message with the world around them.

What are you going to learn?

We are bringing in some incredible instructors to teach on all of our core beliefs.

  • Communication with Dwight Nelson
  • Winsome Witnessing with Gary Gibbs
  • Adventist Fundamental Beliefs with Dee Casper
  • Daniel & Revelation with Steven Grabiner
  • Apologetics & Gaining Decisions with Jay Rosario
  • Emotional Healing with Paul Coneff
  • Health with Rico Hill
  • The Covenants with Skip MacCarty
  • How We Got the Bible & How to Study the Bible with Nathan Renner
  • Christ Centered Public Evangelism with Bill Brace
  • Public Campus Ministry with CAMPUS
  • Church Planting & Church Growth with Dustin Hall
  • Abiding in Christ with Dale Leamon
  • Mental Health with K’dee Elsen
  • Natural Remedies with Lee Wellard
  • Sabbath School & How the Church Works with Justin Kim
  • Relationships & Media Choices with Chad & Fadia Kreuzer
  • Digital Media Marketing with Chris Matts
  • The Everlasting Gospel & The Nature of Christ with Rob Benardo
  • Foreign Missions/Cross Cultural Witnessing with John Kent
  • Bible Worker Training with Lillian Torres
  • Total Community Involvement with Don Mackintosh
  • LGBT Activism, Christianity, Restoration & Reconciliation with Wayne Blakely
  • And more!

A word from one of our teachers, Pastor Dwight Nelson.


Tuition is $8,500 for the full program. This covers your room & board, instruction, class fees, and mission trip. With the work study option, many will be able to decrease this cost dramatically.

Want more information?

A word from our Conference President Gary Gibbs.

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