CORE Intensives

CORE Intensives

Lets say you can’t commit to 9 months, or even 5 months, but you’ve heard who is teaching, or some of the topics we will be addressing and you don’t want to miss out. You don’t have to! CORE Intensives give you the opportunity to sit in on individual classes of the larger CORE program.

Classes are from 8:15-11:45 am, Monday through Thursday.

The total costs will be vary based upon your lodging and meal preferences. But the flat rate for the CORE Intensives themselves will be $150.

Here are the intensives you can register for (keep checking back as more will be added in the coming months):

September 2-5 2019 Chris Matts – “Digital Media Marketing”

September 9-13 2019 Rico Hill – “CHAT (Community Health Advocate Training)”

October 7-10 2019 Elder Gary Gibbs –  “Winsome Witnessing”

January 13-16 2020 Dr. Steven Grabiner – “The Book of Daniel”

January 20-23 2020 Pastor Nathan Renner – “How We Got The Bible/How to Study the Bible”

January 27-30 2020 Pastor Bill Brace – “Christ in Public Evangelism”

February 3-6 2020 Israel Ramos –  “Campus Ministries”

February 10-13 2020 Dr. Dwight Nelson – “Preaching, Teaching, and Communication for Christ”

February 24-27 2020 Pastor Dale Leamon – “Abiding in Christ”

March 2-5 2020 Pastor Dustin Hall – “Church Planting/Church Growth”

March 9-12 2020 Dr. Skip MacCarty – “The Covenants”

March 16-19 2020 Pastor Jay Rosario – “Apologetics/Gaining Decisions”

April 6-9 2020 Dr. Randy Siebold – “True Education/Leadership”

April 27-30 2020 Dr. Steven Grabiner – “The Book of Revelation”

May 11-14 2020 Dr. Steve Toscano – “Church History”