Our Pennsylvania Conference 2025 Devotional Book

Are you passionate about helping people grow in their spiritual lives? Do you long to encourage and strengthen others in their daily lives? Have you experienced God moving in your own life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’ll want to be a part of our Pennsylvania Conference 2025 devotional book!

People turn to devotionals for encouragement. To help them connect with God. Strengthen their prayer lives and their faith. Some don’t know where to begin with Bible study—a devotional may be their only connection to the Bible all day.

We are inviting our Pennsylvania Conference members to share their stories of how God has moved in their lives. Stories of worship, prayer, surrender, finding purpose and courage, understanding salvation and grace, being a part of the church family, and living healthy lives—physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.

Ideas for topics include:

Our Relationship with God: What are the benefits you’ve experienced? How do you spend time with God? How do you seek His heart? What has increased your love for God? Share experiences, scripture, etc.

Worship: Share stories of meaningful personal worship and what that looks like in your life. Experiences with family worship that impacted you or a family member. How has corporate worship blessed? Why is it needed?

Sabbath. How has the Sabbath blessed you? What are your favorite memories of Sabbath or traditions? What do you do to make it special? How has Sabbath School and/or attending church added to your Sabbath experience?

Steps to Salvation: Share stories that tell of conviction, repentance, confession, surrender, and commitment.

Prayer. How have you seen answers to prayer? What has made prayer meaningful to you? What has helped you pray more? How have you seen God move through family prayer? Corporate prayer? Praying with and for others?

Church Family. Share stories of how God has blessed through being a part of a church family. How has He used you to be a blessing? What did you experience when you moved from being a “spectator” to being fully engaged? What has it meant to you to belong and attend your local church?

Full Surrender. Share experiences that reveal what it’s meant to love God with all your heart. What has happened when you’ve sought to follow God’s will? How has He helped you love others the way He loves us? Tell stories of perseverance and wrestling through challenges and finding God faithful.

Living with Purpose. Each of us are called by God for a purpose and to impact others for Him. Each of us may experience this differently, some ways include:

  • Serving God by loving others and sharing Him.
  • Sharing the Word of God with others.
  • Visiting people for God.
  • Using our gifts and talents to serve.
  • Mentoring/discipling.
  • Praying for people—and not just their physical challenges but praying for people’s salvation.
  • Share stories of how God has used you—your gifts and talents—to make a difference.

Health. Health topics will include all aspects of health—physical and mental. How have you learned to trust God? How has He helped you overcome negative thoughts and take every thought captive? What lifestyle changes have you made that have been a blessing?

Submit Your Devotional

Your submission should include a title, scripture, one-sentence bio, and the devotional in approximately 375-400 words. Great devotionals have a theme, illustrate with a story or experience, and a relevant application for our lives. They encourage and equip the reader to face the day ahead.

Choose from one of two ways to submit your devotional reading and information:

Deadlines for submissions is August 1, 2024.

Submit your devotional online.

By submitting a devotional reading, the author is giving permission to the Pennsylvania Conference to print the devotional reading in the 2025 devotional book and share via email or social media post.