Attendance Policy

The Pennsylvania Conference education system and its schools are classified by the Pennsylvania Department of Education as nonpublic schools. Each nonpublic school must adopt a written attendance policy that applies to both day schools and boarding schools. This policy may differ from the policy of the school district in which the child resides but must comply with compulsory attendance laws. The following policy will apply for all the schools within the Pennsylvania Conference education system.


Special Education Policy

PA Conference Schools offer limited support for students with learning, behavior, or language challenges. PA Conference Schools do not have the necessary equipment or staff to meet all potential needs of students who exhibit serious academic, physical, social, or language learning acquisition needs. Therefore, students who have serious academic, physical, social, or language needs may not be accepted at PA Conference Schools.

Should these problems be indicated after the student is enrolled, the school administration will assist the parent(s) in accessing services through the local intermediate unit such as student testing, implementation of an IEP or ISP, or intervention by the intermediate unit. If the child’s discovered needs are unable to be met, PA Conference Schools reserves the right to request or require the student to be transferred to a school or program where assistance is available.

Parent Resources

Looking for a Bible study to do with your child?

Looking for a Bible study to do with your child? Download Educator Jeremy Garlock’s “Jesus: Center of My Story Baptismal Bible Studies for Children.”

Check out this 40-day challenge for teens

Want something that will challenge your teen to go deeper with God? Check out “Is This My God?” A 40-day challenge for teens written by Jeremy Garlock.

Want to volunteer at your child's school?

Our schools love when parents volunteer! Let us know the ways you’d like to help and complete the volunteer background check process. Keeping everyone safe is one of our priorities, so all of our volunteers and educational team complete background checks before working with children. 

Church Resources

Help a child attend an Adventist school!

Unite together with us to fulfill our mission, Together for our Kids, by giving to the Elementary Worthy Student Offering. Your gift makes it possible for a child to attend a local Adventist school and grow not only academically, but spiritually as well.  Often this child goes home and shares with his parents–inviting them to commit their lives to Jesus. Adventist education is a powerful evangelistic tool and you can make a difference!

Collect labels and help a child at the same time!

Help a child attend an Adventist school! Collect labels from Worthington, Loma Linda, and Atlantic Natural Foods products from your church members and send in a “Labels Make Cents” Redemption Form.

We receive twenty-five cents for each label with all monies going to the Elementary Worthy Student Offering. A little adds up–thank you!