Information and Resources for Existing Employees

Information includes email login, hourly employee time clock, healthcare and retirement info and more.

Forms for Existing Employees

Information includes background checks, reimbursement forms, time sheets, family medical leave requests, medical claim, prescription reimbursements, and more.

Forms for New Employees

Information includes I9, W4, tax forms, direct deposit, retirement, and much more.

Employees Who Work with Children

Required to complete the forms described here.

If You Are Eligible for Healthcare

If you are full-time or work at least 30 hours per week.

For Full Time Employees

Information includes insurance and retirement forms.

For School Employees

Information includes physical exam form and other healthcare forms.

Helpful Links

Includes links to ARM and insurance.


<a href="mailto:wpeterson@paconference.org">Will Peterson</a>

Will Peterson

Vice President for Mission and Administration
<a href="mailto:lmiranda@paconference.org">Liz Miranda-Charnichart</a>

Liz Miranda-Charnichart

Administrative Assistant
Human Resources & Secretariat

Tania Olm

Administrative Assistant
Conference Clerk & Background Checks