Discipleship Conference

What is a disciple?

Jesus invested in the lives of other people.  He transmitted not only what He knew, but more importantly who He was.  In His command “go and make disciples” He left us a legacy and has provided the model and method to becoming and making a disciple.  In this life-transforming weekend learn the biblical culture of discipleship.  Join Elder Lillian Torres on this journey of rediscovering this disciple-making ministry.

How do we become a disciple?

“Follow me.” With two simple words, Jesus invites us to become His disciples. The Discipleship Training weekend will focus on the characteristics of a practicing disciple of Jesus. What does a disciple do? What essential practices help us to become a disciple and make other disciples for Christ? Presented by Pastor John Kent.

21st Century Discipleship

Experience powerful Biblical and modern-day examples of discipleship.  Many great leaders have followed the Biblical example laid out by Jesus Christ Himself in discipleship.  In this presentation you will learn how to effectively disciple in your own home and beyond.  Learn to lead and to be led in the twenty-first century with Pastor Brandon Senior.

Our Speakers

Don’t miss this incredible journey of discipleship!

This training is for everyone who wants to experience a deeper walk with Christ, discover what it it means to live like a disciple in today’s world, and learn how to impact the lives of others.

November 17-19, 2023

Laurel Lake Camp & Retreat Center

76 Lodge Rd

Rossiter, Pa.

Lodging Option #1: Cabin

Lodging                      $60.00 – 2 nights

Meals                          $65.00 – 5 meals

Registration                $20.00

 TOTAL                      $145.00 per person

Note: Each cabin accommodates up to 8 persons.

Lodging Option #2: Cabin

Lodging                      $60.00 – 2 nights

Registration                $20.00 

TOTAL                      $80.00 per person

Note: Each cabin accommodates up to 8 persons.

This option does NOT include any  meals.

Lodging Option #3: Motel

Lodging                      $170.00 – 2 nights

Meals                          $  65.00 – 5 meals

Registration                $   20.00

 TOTAL                      $255.00 

Note: Six motel rooms have double beds and can accommodate up to four people. Two rooms have double/queens and can accommodate two people. Each additional person after the first one will need to register under Commuter Option #1 to include their meals and registrations. (Lodging is paid for by the first person.)

Commuter Option #1

Meals                          $39.00 – 3 meals

Registration                $20.00

 TOTAL                      $59.00 per person

Commuter Option #2: Registration only/no meals

Registration                $20.00

 TOTAL                      $20.00 per person

The event begins at 7:00 pm Friday, November 17 and runs through 3:00 pm on Sunday, November 19. Sabbath’s schedule includes three meals; Sunday’s includes breakfast and lunch.

Entire event schedule to follow including lodging instructions.  Any questions contact Lillian Torres at ltorres@paconference.org.