The Pennsylvania Conference is absolutely committed to helping God’s people in Pennsylvania live out His call to go into their neighborhoods and communities and make disciples of all people–reaching everyone, everywhere. Our primary role is that of training, encouraging and resourcing churches in their evangelistic endeavors. We believe that it is God’s will that every church be actively engaged in the work of evangelism. More churches are embracing this challenge by hosting various reaping events—preaching the three angels’ messages and calling people to Christ.

120 in 2021

120 in 2021 is the next step in our strategic initiative designed to reach everyone, everywhere throughout Pennsylvania with gospel preaching that will help lead them to a saving relationship with Christ. COVID moved our in-person meetings to 2021, but God did amazing things in 2020 through virtual and in-person meetings! We’re excited to partner with churches, pastors, and members to see God do even more powerful things as we plan for 120 (or more!) evangelistic meetings in 2021.

We are inviting members to unite together to help fulfill the mission. Members can preach an evangelistic series or be a part of the team organizing and leading the initiative in your local church or a neighboring church. We need total member involvement!

We will provide the tools and training needed, and empower every church to proclaim the soon return of Jesus to everyone with in their reach.

Interested in being a speaker?

We’ll provide the training, sermons, and power points.

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Ready to be a part of  a team?

Join a team and support evangelistic series behind the scenes, with music, registration, greetings, etc.

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Important Dates & Deadlines

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Faith for Family: An Evangelism Initiative

“Faith for Family” came as an answer to prayer. The goal was to share the love of Jesus Christ and the Gospel with families across Pennsylvania.

On September 12, 2015, “Faith for Family” was launched in Philadelphia and Reading. Over 1,300 believers, consisting of: teachers, pastors and Christian students converged on these two cities and shared more than one million pieces of literature about Jesus with people. As a result, 120 small groups were started and more than 100 people gave their lives to Jesus through baptism.

The following year, on October 1, 2016, over 1,300 christian believers from across Pennsylvania were deployed, but this time to Western Pennsylvania. Thousands of Bible Study Enrollment Cards were mailed out into the community to get Bible studies started. Bible Workers were sent in advance to assist churches and start working in the community. Spiritual revival has taken place in many of the churches.

Then on October 14, 2017, in Central Pennsylvania, over 1800 church members/missionaries from across Pennsylvania and several other states participated in the “Faith for Family” mission project. In 2018, more than 2,000 church members/missionaries representing 81 churches partnered with 19 churches in Northeastern Pennsylvania, going door-to-door, praying with people, offering free Bible studies, and handing out literature. Bible instructors are following up with the 274 Bible study requests that came as a result of the day.

In 2018, more than 2,000 members participated in our D-day event in northeastern Pennsylvania. This year, 2300+ members from 54 churches going out in 31 communities in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Christ’s last words to His disciples were: “Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.” “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations.” Go to the farthest bounds of the habitable globe, and know that wherever you go My presence will attend you…To us also the commission is given. We are bidden to go forth as Christ’s messengers, to teach, instruct, and persuade men and women, to urge upon their attention the word of life. And to us also the assurance of Christ’s abiding presence is given. Whatever the difficulties with which we may have to contend, whatever the trials we may have to endure, the gracious promise is always ours, “Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.”—Manuscript 24, 1903.

The mission of our Faith for Family initiative is to empower local church members to share Christ and the gospel with families in communities across Pennsylvania. 
This is a journey of faith! Won’t you join us?


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Tim Bailey

Ministerial Director
Evangelism Director
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Lillian Torres

Assistant Evangelism Director
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Faith for Family

Another important evangelistic initiative is our Faith for Family program, begun in 2015. Focusing on specific areas of our state, pastors and members from across our Conference come together to support area churches as they go door-to-door offering literature and Bible studies, and an invitation to an evangelistic series. Then our pastoral team unite to simultaneously offer evangelistic seminars for two weeks in each church in that area. Bible instructors follow up leads and work with members to build friendships and help those seeking God grow in their understanding of Him and biblical truth.

Reach & Connect

With over 95 percent of Americans accessing the internet, online outreach campaigns will engage people in Bible studies and church events. Social media is the new front¬line of evangelism, based on Christ’s method to mingle with people where they are, sympathize with them, meet their needs, invite them to follow Jesus, and connect them with a local church family in their community.


Experience Christ in a whole new way during this year-long adventure in mission service, strengthen the core of your faith, experience spiritual revival, discover new spiritual gifts, talents and passions, all while earning college credit and seeing God’s hand in your life and through your ministry in ways you’ve never seen before!

Pennsylvania Youth Connect (PYC)

Young people learn leadership and evangelism skills through the Pennsylvania Conference’s literature evangelism program, Pennsylvania Youth Challenge. From the end of May through July, high school and college age students go door-to-door in communities across Pennsylvania, sharing literature, offering free Bible studies, and praying with people.

Balanced Living Power Points

Balanced Living Power Points

Each file is a ZIP file containing two different versions of the power point presentation (short and long.)