The purpose of these events is to:

  • Nurture a strong comradery between schools
  • Provide an opportunity for home-schooled students to participate in school events
  • Help stakeholders to catch a glimpse of the larger vision of education
  • Provide programming many schools can’t do on their own

These events also provide an excellent opportunity for the people to see in a tangible way the conference supporting our young people.

Events Planned for the 2021-2022 School Year


Due to COVID, outdoor school was  held as one-day regional events this year as we take extra precautions to keep students safe and healthy. Schools were able to travel to local nature centers and parks to learn about God’s world and praise Him as our Creator.

We love Laurel Lake Camp and look forward to enjoying outdoor school together there again in the future.

MUSIC FEST — A Collaborative Program with BLUE MOUNTAIN ACADEMY

Music Fest 2022 is an opportunity for each of the schools to praise their Creator and participate with the Music Department at Blue Mountain Academy.  Their combined efforts will, through the expertise of technology, become a special Good Friday program that can be shared with churches and families.