Family Ministries


The goal of the Family Ministries Department is to help grow and strengthen families in their relationships to God and each other.


Resilience. It’s something needed in the time in which we’re living. Strong families. Families who worship together. Pray together.

The General Conference Family Ministries Department is offering a free resource for 2022 that’s filled with sermons, seminars, power points, children’s stories, and leadership resources which have all been created by Adventist leaders from around the world.

You can download the resource along with presentation files HERE.

It’s a great resource for creating a family-focused theme for the year.


Marriage Retreat 2023

Ruber and Ketty Leal are the Family Ministries Co-Directors for the Texas Conference, and Co-founders of ForeverONE© Ministries. Ruber is also the Associate pastor at Richardson Seventh-day Adventist Church in Richardson Texas.

Since 2008, families in Texas and across the U.S. have been revitalized through their marriage and parenting retreats & workshops. The Leal’s are the creators of six Spinners Games designed to bring families together in a fun and creative way. They have also written articles for several magazines, books, and videos on family matters. 

Ruber is currently pursuing a Doctor in Ministry with an emphasis on Family Ministries. Ketty is the supervisor for the Microbiology Lab at Methodist Richardson Medical Center, Richardson-Texas. The Leals have been married for twenty-seven years and are proud parents of two adult children.      

Mark your calendars for our next one-day marriage conference:

February 18, 2023

The Lodges at Gettysburg

Details will follow! Note this will be a small retreat and limited to couples within the Pennsylvania Conference.

Want to make it a weekend getaway? Book your lodging now at The Lodges of Gettysburg. Click here for their website. Or check out this Gettysburg information website (click here) for more hotel options and to discover fun things to do in the area.

Women’s and Family Ministries Training

January 29, 2023

10:00 am-2:00 pm

Zoom or Mission & Evangelism Center

Join us as we begin our year with training for women’s and family ministries leaders. Choose to attend via Zoom or in person at our Mission & Evangelism Center, 2359 Mountain Road, Hamburg, Pa. (Lunch provided for those who attend in person.) You’ll discover resources, ideas, and network with other leaders across our state–sharing what’s working, asking questions, and planning ministry for the coming year that will impact your members AND your community!


<a href="">Tamyra Horst</a>

Tamyra Horst

Communication Director
Women’s Ministries Director
Family Ministries Director

Families are important to Tamyra Horst who believes the home is the most important “mission field” we each impact. She’s written the books, “Praying Like Crazy for Your Kids” and “Praying Like Crazy for Your Husband,” from her own passion and experience as a mom and wife, intentionally praying for her family. “Ratty Bathrobes, Cranky Kids, and Other Romantic Moments” was written from her commitment to making time for your relationship with your spouse. She longs to see families of all shapes and sizes–large, small, single parents, two parents, step-families, singles, children, grandchildren, grandparents raising grandkids, etc.–experience deepening relationships with each other and with God.


  • My Place with Jesus

    My Place With Jesus is a ministry of It Is Written, designed to assist children in developing a personal relationship with Jesus through Bible studies, stories, and other activities. Children learn of the basic themes of the Christian faith making My Place With Jesus a valuable resource for the entire family.

  • God Loves Me 28 Ways

    Check out this great Bible study offered by the North American Division Children’s Ministries Department for younger readers. Colorful. Fun. And all free and online.

  • Our Little Friend Online

    Download the PDF version of Our Little Friend for children ages birth to 5 years old each week.

  • Guide Online

    Primarily for readers ages 10–14, is offering the PDF of the weekly Guide magazine, plus printable games, and vlogs by the editors and columnists such as Rich Aguilera, the “Mud Guy.”

  • Activity Outpost

    Check out this great website for families sponsored by the Upper Columbia Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. It’s filled with resources, activities, sections for moms, dads, caregivers, Pathfinders, Adventurers and more.

  • AR TV

    Are you looking for wholesome family-friendly films, shows and documentaries? With over 1000 on-demand titles, Adventist Review TV has something for everyone. The best part – it’s Free!

  • A Word for Your Family (English/Spanish)

    Now that the kids are home from school and you have more family time, why not start a daily family worship time? First thing in the morning or in the evening before bed. Gather together to and connect with God and His Word as a family. The North American Division Family Ministries department has put together a series of super short videos in both English and Spanish for families that might get you started.

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  • Online Jigsaw Puzzle

    Do a jigsaw puzzle. Don’t have one on hand? The General Conference Children’s Ministries Department has a couple online.