The Pennsylvania Conference and Blue Mountain Academy are committed to young people.  We want to not only provide them with a quality academic, Adventist Christian education but we are passionate about preparing them not only for their future, but for also for eternity.

Unfortunately, many families cannot afford the to send their children to Blue Mountain Academy. That’s where you and I can make a difference. Partner with parents and invest in our young people.

Right now we have a great opportunity to double our financial gifts to Blue Mountain Academy. Thanks to the generosity of a giver who knows the difference a BMA education makes in the lives of young people, every gift given by December 31, 2018 will be matched—up to $100,000. So your gift of $20, $50 or $100 dollars becomes $40, $100 or $200 in the life of a student. Imagine the impact your gift can make it you are able to give $500 or even $1,000!

Let’s show our students and their families just how much we care. Please give to the BMA worthy student offering on December 22 (and throughout the year.) Your gift will be doubled and make an Adventist education possible for a young person who will be forever impacted by your gift and his experience here.