Offerings are our response of love responding to God’s blessings and goodness. They serve as a means of helping to further integrate God into the financial side of our lives. Recognizing God as Owner, we follow the convicting of the Holy Spirit–managing what He has placed in our hands and worshiping God by returning some of what He has placed in our hands. We give where and how the Holy Spirit convicts and empowers us to do so. We give to worship God–and we do so by supporting His Church, by advancing His mission, by helping others-but most of all by listening to Him and following where leads and doing what He convicts.

Here in the Pennsylvania Conference, our offerings support our mission of “Reaching Everyone, Everywhere.” While we have numerous offerings, we focus on four key initiatives throughout the year: Education, Evangelism, Blue Mountain Academy, and Laurel Lake Camp. Your gift to these offerings impacts the lives of members, children, youth, and the community–making an eternal difference.



Adventist Giving allows you to return your tithe and give your offerings online through your local church’s website or through our Conference’s online giving account.

AdventistGiving App Tutorial

The AdventistGiving app is an easy way to give to your local church. Watch this video to learn how to give online and support your local and Conference ministries.


AdventistGiving te permite a devolver tus diezmos y ofrendas por el sitio web de tu iglesia local o a través de la cuenta de la Conferencia.
Tutorial para AdventistGiving

Mire aquí el tutorial como saber descargar la aplicación de AdventistGiving, aprender como donar a través de esta herramienta y seguir siendo fiel a Dios con sus diezmos y ofrendas.