Pennsylvania Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
2359 Mountain Road
Hamburg, PA 19526

Fax: 610.374.9331

Office Hours
Monday-Thursday 8:00 am-5:30 pm


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PresidentGary Gibbs
Administrative Assistant for PresidentJuliana Savoy
Executive SecretaryShawn Shives
Administrative Assistant for SecretariatPatty Hoffecker
Associate Director for Human ResourcesLiz Miranda
Administrative Assistant for Membership and Volunteer ScreeningHeidi Lozensky
TreasurerKevin Costello
Under TreasurerHoracio Hernandez-Ble
AccountantAllison Barreto
AccountantSheryl Barreto
Auditor & Insurance SpecialistVilma Reynolds
AuditorManuel Gonzalez
Trust Services DirectorBonnie Navarro
IT DirectorDavid Mioranza
Administrative Assistant for Treasury and ReceptionistLaura Duncar
Education Director
Leona Bange
Assistant Education Director
Nadia Trossero
Administrative Assistant for EducationCourtney Landis
Ministerial DirectorYves Monnier
Associate Evangelism Director/Bible Instructor TrainingLillian Torres
Administrative Assistant for MinisterialLaura Duncar
Church Regeneration DirectorStewart Lozensky
Hispanic Ministries Director Saud Elias
Administrative Assistant for Hispanic MinistriesWendy Gaviria
Media Ministries DirectorMatthew Stroup
Media Production AssistantGabriel Senior
Communications Director
Family & Women's Ministries Director
Tamyra Horst
Youth and Young Adult Ministries
Pathfinders & Adventurers
Summer Camp
Adventist Community Services Director
Todd Casey
Associate Youth and Young Adult Ministries Director
Publishing Director
Johnathan Ryan
Administrative Assistant for YouthDecember Casey
Health MinistriesAdventist WholeHealth Network
Laurel Lake Camp Facilities ManagerZeke Perez
Religious Liberty DirectorStewart M. Lozensky