Tout Evenman

Laurel Lake Summer Camp – June 18-July 16

Adventure Camp – June 18-25

Horsemanship Camp – June 18-25

Junior Camp – June 25-July 2

Tween Camp – July 2-July 9

Teen Camp – July 9-16

Young people ages 7-17 are invited to join us for summer camp! Enjoy activities like go-karting, climbing on the iceberg in the lake or even making model rockets that launch high in the sky! Ride horses and learn survival skills. Swim, paddle, and enjoy the lake. We hope to see you for fun, worship and growing friendships with others and with God!

Laurel Lake Camp Meeting – July 20-23

The fun of summer camp.

Join us beginning Thursday, July 20, for family camp:

  • Horseback riding
  • Go-karts
  • The Pool
  • Lake Activities
  • Bonfires
  • And more!

Take an mini-vacation with your family. Fun activities with the added bonus of worship and an emphasis on connecting with God.

The inspiration of camp meeting.

Laurel Lake Camp Meeting begins Friday evening, July 21, as Dr. Eric Walsh joins us for powerful worship sessions as we explore what it means to live with “Fearless Faith.”

A physician and health care administrator, Walsh is a graduate of Oakwood University, the University of Miami School of Medicine, and the Loma Linda University School of Public Health where he received his masters and doctorate in public health.

Walsh is a public health specialist who has worked at local health departments and with national organizations to improve the health of all Americans and to especially reverse the health disparities that plague some communities. He has served Presidents George W Bush and Barak Obama as an advisor on HIV/AIDS.

On the spiritual front, Dr. Walsh has served as an associate pastor at several churches and gets no greater joy than bringing souls to Christ. His wife, Jacqueline, is his partner in ministry and his best friend.

Bring your family and spend a long weekend enjoying camp activities!

15% early bird discount on registration through June 21, 2023!

Come for Sabbath and join us for lunch and/or dinner!

Women’s Retreat at Laurel Lake Camp – September 8-10



14 – Winsome Witnessing Live Kick Off (Zoom)

20-22 – Pathfinder Retreat

28 – Area Level PBE

29 – Women’s and Family Ministries Training  (Mission & Evangelism Center)


5 – Optimize Your Church’s YouTube Channel for Evangelism Training (Zoom)

11 – Conference Level PBE

18 – Marriage One-day Conference (Gettysburg)

26 – She Shares Women’s Event (Mission & Evangelism Center)


2-4 – Music Fest at BMA

5 – Leveraging YouTube for Mission & Evangelism (Zoom)

11 – Union Level PBE

18 – Global Youth Day

19 — Treasurers Training (BMA)

25-26 – Biblical Discipleship Training (Mission & Evangelism Center)

26 – Princess Tea (Pittsburgh)

26 – Treasurers Training (Pittsburgh)


31-2 – Adventurer Family Retreat

15 – Women’s Retreat, Hershey, Pa. with tracks for young adults and teens!

16 – Vacation Bible School Training, Zoom

21-22 – Division Level PBE

22-23 – Biblical Discipleship Training (Mission & Evangelism Center)

23 — Princess Tea (Shamokin)

23 — Treasurers Training (Spanish)

28-30 – BMA Alumni Weekend

30 – Design and Photo 101 Training (Zoom)


5-6 – BMA Spring Concert/Home Show

6 – Family Conference

7 – Pathfinder Fair/Adventurer Fun Day

19-21 – Master Guide Campout, Kamp Keystone

21 – Mission Trip to BMA

26-27 – BMA Graduation


3 – CORE Graduation

9-17 – Camp Meeting at BMA

18-25 – Adventure Camp at Laurel Lake

23-25 – Hispanic Camp Meeting at BMA

25-July 1 – Junior Camp at Laurel Lake


2-9 – Tween Camp at Laurel Lake

19-23 – Family Camp at Laurel Lake

22-23 – Laurel Lake Camp Meeting


11-13 – Hispanic Youth Rally


8-10 – Women’s Retreat at Laurel Lake

10 – Adventurer Family Picnic

16 – World Pathfinder Day

22-24 – Hispanic Women’s Retreat


6-8 – Pathfinder Camporee at Laurel Lake

22 – Constituency Session


4 – Youth Rally at BMA

4 – Parent Rally at Mission & Evangelism Center

10-12 – Pathfinder & Adventurer Leadership Retreat at Laurel Lake


15-17 – Young Adult Retreat at Refreshing Mountain