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Camp Meeting 2023

Mark your calendars now for camp meeting 2023:

June 9-17, 2023

블루 마운틴 아카데미

Hamburg, Pa.

Our Speakers

Pavel Goia

June 9-13, 2023

Pavel Goia, was born into communist Romania. From an early age he knew clearly that God had called him to ministry. However, in a communist country following that calling was not an easy task. He promised to serve God and fulfill his calling. His faithfulness was tested often. The events that ensued are chronicled by the book One Miracle After Another: The Pavel Goia Story by Gregg Budd.

He was trained in a variety of fields, from law to music, engineering, and business, until he finally ended up studying theology. After six years of pastoring in Romania, he spent some time in Norway at the European Bible School, becoming certified in Organic Agriculture & Healthy Lifestyle. He then moved to the United States where he pursued a Bachelor of Theology from Southern Adventist University, and later the M.Div and D.Min program at Andrews University.

Pavel pastored in Wisconsin for nine years and in Kentucky for seven years. He was a member of the Ministerial Advisory Committee for the North American Division, and is now serving as an Associate Ministerial Director for the General Conference Ministerial Association as well as the Editor for Ministry Magazine.

Pavel is married to Daniela, they have two grown children, Gabriel and Ovidiu.

His life has been filled with powerful answers to prayer and continues to be one miracle after another.

Doug Batchelor

June 14-17, 2023

Doug Batchelor has experienced great extremes in his life. His long and winding journey from anti-social drug user to president of a worldwide ministry has helped shape him into an engaging speaker with whom audiences the world over can identify.

As the teenage son of an aviation tycoon, young Doug could have had anything money could buy, yet he couldn’t find true peace and happiness. A troubled youth, he fought at school, entertained suicidal fantasies, and eventually ran away from home when he was just 15 years old.

Disgusted with life and convinced it had no meaning, Doug was determined to experience life with reckless abandon. He turned to drugs, committed crimes, and spent time in jail, while also living on high adventure from stormy seas to blistering deserts. But years later, a remote cave high in the mountains above Palm Springs became his home. And even though his father owned a yacht, a jet, and a Rolls-Royce, Doug ended up scavenging for food in garbage bins.

The happiness Doug searched for continued to elude him for years—until the day he found a dust-covered Bible someone left in his cave. As he read, he believed in and accepted Christ as his Savior.

Today, Pastor Doug Batchelor is the senior pastor of Granite Bay Church in California and the president of Amazing Facts. He hosts the weekly television program Amazing Facts with Doug Batchelor and the Bible Answers Live radio broadcast.

Our Seminar Speakers

Jeffrey Brown

The Four Love Seasons

We’ve all heard about The Five Love Languages. Welcome to The Four Love Seasons seminar! Based on his popular book The Love Seasons, author and speaker Jeffrey Brown will lead us in celebrating the peaks and circumventing the pitfalls of love. The Four Love Seasons is a journey for singles and marrieds, the young and the senior. Discover your season and learn how to be faithful and fruitful in the season you are in.

Jeffrey Brown has worked extensively throughout the North American Division. He has been a pastor in Toronto, Canada, a professor at Oakwood University in Huntsville, Alabama, and a president in the Bermuda Conference.

He holds a PhD degree from Andrews University in Religious Education, specializing in family life education and counseling. He has served as student counselor at University College Birmingham, relationships counselor with Relate, director of family ministries in Bermuda, and director of pastoral studies at Newbold College. He now serves as associate secretary of the General Conference Ministerial Association and associate editor of Ministry magazine.

Jeffrey is the author of Single and Gifted and is married to Pattiejean, from Bermuda, who is the author of What on Earth Am I Doing? Leadership Lessons for Clergy Spouses. Together they have authored Total Marriage, A Guide to Parenting, and The Love Seasons.

God has blessed the Browns with two young adult children, Kristle and Jamel. Jamel and his wife, Sarai, have made Jeffrey and Pattiejean proud grandparents of five-year-old Charlotte.

Dr. Eddie Ramirez

Join Dr. Eddie Ramirez for an evidenced base seminar that will empower you to make the best decisions for experiencing a better of quality of life. Dr. Ramirez will share how it’s not just about factor X or Y, but rather the integration of mental, social, spiritual, and physical behaviors that improve the quality of our lives, increase our energy, give us clarity of mind, and strengthen our connection with God. He will share information from his twenty-eight years of lifestyle medicine. You will learn practical, easy-to-do steps that will lead you to optimum health.

Dr. Eddie Ramirez, @EddieRDMD, is a medical doctor, research scientist, published author and seasoned speaker. He is the executive director of Adventist WholeHealth Network, Hamburg, Pa.

Dr. Ramirez’s major research interest has been focused on how food and lifestyle have an effect on physical and mental disease. This research has resulted in over 160 publications which he has shared in person in eighty-eight countries. He has peer reviewed articles for the journals Frontiers in Psychology and BMC Public Health. His work has been featured on NBC in America, Icelandic National TV, Telemundo (the United State’s biggest Spanish network) and KBC in Kenya.

He is the author of Pandemic Busters, a co-author of the third and fourth editions of the textbook of Lifestyle Medicine and also the book Rethink Food together with Neal Barnard, Michael Greger, Hans Diehl, Joel Furhman and other lifestyle medicine leaders. He enjoys serving others with his family.

Janet Salazar

Effective Prayer and Bible Study: Do your prayers feel scatterbrained?

Do you struggle to get anything relevant for your life out of reading the Bible? Do you wish you could hear from God more? Revolutionize your relationship with God by discovering how to stay focused during prayer; learn practical tools to make your Bible study meaningful; and find out how to discern God’s still small voice.

Janet Salazar is a recovering Pharisee striving for an authentic, personal relationship with God.  Her passion is to inspire others to grow their relationship with God by sharing what she is learning.  She is a pastor’s wife, mother of two, teacher, and published writer. Connect with her at janetfsalazar.com.

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Register for a Fun Fest Booth

Want to raise funds for your Pathfinder or Adventurer Club? Your youth group or school? Maybe your women’s ministries team wants to fundraise for a project or an upcoming mission event.

We have an opportunity for you!

Reserve your free booth at our Summer Fun Fest, Sunday, June 11, 2023, 10:00 am-2:00 pm on the campus of Blue Mountain Academy, Hamburg, Pa., as part of our camp meeting activities.

Food booths do really well! And fun activities are ALWAYS appreciated for this family fun day.

Camp Meeting 2022: Unshakeable

Watch or Listen to Worship Services

Secrets to a Powerful Prayer Life – Eric Walsh (Early AM Worship)

Listen and Download Seminars

Jesus, M.D.: Lesson from the Great Physican – Dr. Greg Steinke
Saving Our Nation: Discipleship, Mission, and Nation Building in the Gospel of Matthew – Dr. Cedric Vine

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