Media Ministries

Our Mission

Our Media Ministries department was created in 2022 as we seek to share the gospel to everyone, everywhere—including digitally. With over 95 percent of Americans online, using media allows us to connect with people where they are, build relationships, share the message of Christ, and invite them to a local church.

Director Matt Stroup brings more than twenty-two years of experience in multi-media production and education along with an excitement to use his talents for God. This department is dedicated to creating resources to help members engage people in Bible studies and church events and share the gospel.

This year, Gabriel Senior joined our team as a production assistant. He recently graduated from the film program at the Douglas Education Center, Monessen, Pa. Before joining the Conference team, he worked on various productions with his father, Pastor Brandon Senior, and Assistant Director of Evangelism Lillian Torres. Gabriel has grown up serving God in Pennsylvania and will continue to do so here as he states, “Spreading the Word of God is an important goal in every aspect of my work,” he shares. 

Our Projects

Winsome Witnessing

The department’s first project was filming and editing Winsome Witnessing training videos. These ten lessons  are based on President Gary Gibbs’s book by the same title. They offer simple skills to lead people to Christ, ways to revitalize your church, share a proven strategy for giving interesting Bible studies, and more. Over seventy churches have already offered this training to their members who are now going door-to-door and/or sharing the gospel at their jobs, in their schools, and with family and friends.

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Prophecies of Hope

The next project features twenty-seven lessons for the Prophecies of Hope series which includes corresponding Bible study guides. The videos are part of our Prophecies of Hope with Gary Gibbs YouTube channel. These Bible studies make it easy for someone to share the gospel—simply watch the videos together and complete the lesson’s PDF guide. The introduction video already has more than 200 views.

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