2020 Lay Pastor Training Curriculum

January 12
10am - 2pm
Techniques on Spiritual Counseling
(David Richmond)
Techniques for Spiritual CounselingPastor Alpha: Becoming An Emotionally Intelligent Pastoral Leader,
ARTICLE by Delbert W. Baker
February 2
10am - 2pm
Techniques on Leading In A Digital Age
(Lance Moncrieffe)
Techniques on Leading In A Digital AgeChurch Ministry In The Digital Age,
ARTICLE by Lance Moncrieffe
March 15
10am - 2pm
Enhanced Techniques on Biblical Preaching
(Dr. Hyveth Williams)
An Appeal For A New Era Of Preaching And Worship,
ARTICLE by Dr. Hyveth Williams
April 5
10am - 2pm
Techniques on Conflict Resolution
(Dr. Orlando Moncrieffe)
Managing Conflict In The Church,
ARTICLE by H. Jack Morris
May 3
10am - 2pm
Techniques for Planning Church Evangelism - Part Two
(Lillian Torres)
Innovative Evangelism,
ARTICLE by S. Joseph Kidder and Kristy L. Hodson