2018-2019 Lay Leadership Training Curriculum

August 5Spiritual Vitality
(Clarence Harris)
Spiritual VitalityAssignment due: Local Church Ministry Assignment
September 2Leadership Methods of Christ
(Andrea Parchment)
Leadership Methods of Christ Assignment due: Spiritual Development PlanStudy Guide: The Composition of Scripture (1)
October 7Spiritual Counseling and Visitation
(David Richmond)
Spiritual Counseling and VisitationAssignment due: Assessing Temperaments and Leadership Needs

Study Guide: The Godhead (2-5)
November 4Foundations for Expository Preaching – Part 1
(Clarence Harris)
Expository Preaching Part 1Study Guide: Creation and the Nature of Man (6-7)
December 2Emotional Intelligence in Leadership
(Will Peterson)
Emotional Intelligence In LeadershipAssignment due: Central Proposition of Psalm 119:1-11
Study Guide: Sin, Salvation and Spiritual Growth (8-11, 22)
January 6Leading Spiritual Decisions
(Tim Bailey)
Leading Spiritual DecisionsAssignment due: Active Listening Answers

Study Guide: The Church as Body and Remnant (12-14, 21)
February 3Foundations for Expository Preaching – Part 2
(Andrea Parchment)
Expository Preaching Part 2No Assignment Due Study Guide: Spiritual Gifts and Prophecy (17-18)
April 7Friendship Evangelism
(Gary Gibbs)
Assignment Due: Full sermon structure for 1 Corinthians 15:9, 10Study Guide: The Law of God and Sabbath (19-20)
May 5Guidance on Church Growth
Assignment Due: Study Guide: The end of sin and the Restoration (24-28)