The Pennsylvania Conference understands the need to train and equip strong spiritual leaders for our churches and ministry efforts. There is a rich variety of spiritual gifts found within the laity of our churches that when trained and supported can provide strong pastoral leadership for our local churches.

There are 23 Volunteer Lay Pastors across our conference that provides spiritual leadership support for district Pastors and churches. Our Volunteer Lay Pastors operate across the state by region (West, Central and East) and are supported by a regional coordinator.


<a href="">Lance Moncrieffe</a>

Lance Moncrieffe

Eastern and Central VLP Coordinator
<a href="">Stewart Pepper</a>

Stewart Pepper

Western VLP Coordinator



A five month enhanced leadership curriculum designed to further prepare current Lay Pastors for practical church service in efficient church administration, practical pastoral work, organized evangelism efforts, enlightened Bible study and sermon preparation, spiritual counseling, and conflict resolution. REGISTER BY CLICKING HERE OR ON ANY OF THE SESSION ICONS BELOW.

AUG 4, 10am – 2pm
Dr. Hyveth Williams
This session provides enhanced guidance for biblical preaching and includes components on Hermeneutics, Exegesis, Study Tools Resources, and a basic introduction to Greek.

SEP 1, 10am – 2pm
Dr. Orlando Moncrieffe
This session teaches you how to provide scripturally based counseling in a church and home setting – that encourages and assists members and families to grow beyond hurt or harm.

OCT 6, 10am – 2pm
Dr. Orlando Moncrieffe
This session provides Bible based wisdom and techniques to resolve family, ministry, and interpersonal conflicts that arise within the church setting.

NOV 3, 10am – 2pm
Pastor Lance Moncrieffe
This session provides guidance on organizing and leading typical church meetings (Board Meetings, Nomination Meetings and Processes). Special church services (Baptisms, Baby Dedications, Anointing Services, Funerals).

DEC 8, 10am – 2pm
Lillian Torres
This session provides the students with appropriate planning and organization techniques and resources for effective church evangelism.


<a href=”>Enrique Amponsah</a>

Enrique Amponsah

Clearfield Church
<a href="">Sam Belony</a>

Sam Belony

Havertown Church
<a href="">Richard Brooks</a>

Richard Brooks

Fairview Village
<a href="">Brett Burton</a>

Brett Burton

<a href="">Godfrey Chundu</a>

Godfrey Chundu

Gettysburg Church
<a href="">James Desvallon</a>

James Desvallon

Kenhorst Boulevard
<a href="">Elson Diaz</a>

Elson Diaz

Phila Youth Connect
<a href="">Cherubin Dorcil</a>

Cherubin Dorcil

Haitian District
<a href="">Jose Elvir</a>

Jose Elvir

Pocono Grace
<a href="">Jean Francois</a>

Jean Francois

Lebanon Church
<a href="">Clarence Harris</a>

Clarence Harris

Hershey Church
<a href="">Belinda Kent</a>

Belinda Kent

Carnegie Church
<a href="">Donald Lewis</a>

Donald Lewis

Greensburg Church
<a href="">John Love</a>

John Love

Seneca Church
<a href="">Tiberiu Mikle-Dragos</a>

Tiberiu Mikle-Dragos

Shamokin Church
<a href="">Lance Moncrieffe</a>

Lance Moncrieffe

Chestnut Hill Church
<a href="">William Oblitey</a>

William Oblitey

State College Church
<a href="">Moses Sosigian</a>

Moses Sosigian

Washington Heights
<a href="">Kerry Stahl</a>

Kerry Stahl

Milton Church
<a href="">David Taylor</a>

David Taylor

Pottstown Church
<a href="">David Theodore</a>

David Theodore

West Chester Church
<a href="">Joseph Weigley</a>

Joseph Weigley

Pleasant View