Mission Strategy

Mission Strategy 2024-2028

The mission of the church of Christ is to save perishing sinners. It is to make known the love of God to men and women and to win them to Christ by the efficacy of that love. The truth for this time must be carried into the dark corners of the earth, and this work may begin at home.

Ellen White
Testimonies for the Church, 3:381

The Mission

God has called His last-day people to reach everyone, everywhere with the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ. (Revelation 14:6-12.) As members of the Pennsylvania Conference, He has assigned us this corner of the Earth as our mission field. The harvest of souls Jesus will reap at His return will in a large part be influenced by our faithful attention to the mission God has entrusted us with.

Our mission strategy for 2024-2028 sets an intentional focus on discipleship, evangelism, and rediscovering the Adventist advantage of the Sabbath and living healthy lives. As we unite together in worship and prayer, God will grow and strengthen us. He will give us wisdom and opportunities to share the gospel with our family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and community. We will live healthy lives and ensure that our churches and schools reflect God’s beauty and care.

Our Goals

God is on the move across Pennsylvania and He invites us to join Him in His kingdom work, each one of us using our gifts, talents and means. As we unite together to fulfill our mission and pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, we will continue to see God impact lives for eternity. We believe God will bless as we focus on our strategic initiatives and have prayerfully set the following faith goals for our Conference:

  1. Lead 2,800 people to Christ during the quinquennium.
  2. Increase church attendance to 50% of membership.
  3. Increase Sabbath School attendance to 3,000.
  4. Develop an online outreach to engage Pennsylvanians in Bible study and church attendance.
  5. Partner with Adventist WholeHealth Network to establish a whole person health ministry outreach.
  6. Establish wellness centers in our churches.
  7. Provide special matching funds to assist churches in remodeling.

2024-2028 Strategic Initiatives

Love Jesus

The heart of Adventism is a love relationship with Jesus. If the cares of this world have caused us to “leave our first love,” no amount of good works will save us, and “we will gain nothing” (Matthew 13:22, Revelation 2:2-5, 1 Corinthians 13:3). Therefore, this initiative is to help every member experience Jesus’ love. We encourage each church board to adopt this initiative and find ways to elevate a loving relationship with Jesus in the lives of young and old. Ideas may include forming groups that read through the Desire of Ages, sermon series on Jesus, testimonials during church on how Jesus was seen in your life that week, Sabbath school classes that engage children to love Jesus, church fellowships and vespers programs that encourage love between the members and for God, etc.. A return to our first love will not undermine obedient discipleship but will elevate it. Let’s unite together to create a movement where your church is known for its love of Jesus.

Rediscover the Sabbath

The most identifiable feature of a Seventh-day Adventist is Sabbath observance. Our Sabbath experience with God and each other can be the most appealing and fulfilling experience of our week. Imagine hearing the voice of God personally speak relevant words through private and public worship, in fellowship with family and friends, laughter, songs of praise, and service. This initiative is to help our churches and members rediscover and restore the blessings of the Sabbath, where the experience people have at our church on Sabbath is so positive that it is life-transforming. We encourage church leaders to prayerfully examine how the church can facilitate a positive Sabbath experience for all age groups each week.

In One Accord

Jesus is coming again and we are called to give His hope-filled message to a sin-sick world! People must hear that Jesus loves them and has a wonderful plan for their life. The early church caught the fire of the Spirit when they were united in “one accord” to share this Good News. God anointed and blessed them with the Holy Spirit’s power to win thousands to Christ. He has promised to do the same and more for his last day church. During this quinquennium, as we unite together, we will use personal and public evangelism to reach everyone, everywhere for Christ, proclaiming the everlasting gospel of Revelation 14:6-12.

Shine the Light

God has called us to share the gospel with the 13 million people living in the cities, towns, villages, and countryside of Pennsylvania. Millions in the Commonwealth will never meet a Seventh-day Adventist who can share the glorious message of salvation we have to share. This is why this initiative will use modern internet technology to make the gospel accessible to every household through truth-filled messages and Bible studies.

Get Fit for Life

God created us with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. As far as possible, good health in these four areas is essential to happy, productive lives and to Christian growth. This is why our church has had an emphasis on health since its foundation. This initiative will place a renewed focus on God’s plan for healthy living, inviting members and the community to experience God’s healing and wholeness.

Arise and Rebuild

Knowing our church and school facilities reflect God to those around us, we are committed to provide properties that best facilitate worship and reveal His glory to our communities. The kingdom of Judah experienced one of the greatest recorded revivals as King Josiah led them to clean and repair the temple, and restore it as a place of worship. (2 Chronicles 34) This initiative will help congregations develop church-specific plans to clean, declutter, paint, repair, remodel, and update our facilities to better serve their communities.