Prayer Ministries


To create a culture of prayer for our Conference, churches, and members that grows them deeper in their relationship with God–giving them strength, courage, and impact in their own lives, the lives of those they love, in their ministries and that ultimately impact their communities.

By My Spirit

Prayer for the Holy Spirit is the foundation of success in God’s work. As church members pray daily for the outpouring of the Spirit, we will see the promised blessing come. “To those who wait humbly upon God…is the Spirit given. The power of God awaits their demand and reception. This promised blessing, claimed by faith, brings all other blessings in its train.” (The Desire of Ages, p. 672)

Prayer is one of our eight strategic initiatives for 2018-2023. We desire to see our members praying for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. It is when we unite together in prayer, then serving and giving, that we will fulfill the mission and reach everyone, everywhere with the gospel.



Join our team in praying for the specific needs of our Conference and ministries. As part of the Pennsylvania Prayer Partners team, you’ll receive monthly emails with prayer requests and updates. We’ve seen God do amazing things in response to these prayers!


Unite with members from across our Conference for our weekly Monday evening prayer call, 8:30-9:00 pm.

Dial 605.472.5260 Code 662834


Each month we encourage churches and members to lift up one of our schools in prayer throughout the entire month, believing that God impacts our students, their families, and our staff.

October Education Prayer Focus is Gettysburg Adventist Christian School, Gettysburg, Pa.

November Education Prayer Focus is Blue Mountain Elementary, Hamburg, Pa.

December Education Prayer Focus is Blue Mountain Academy, Hamburg, Pa.


Each week we pray for a specific church district or ministry and their pastor/leader enabling us to intentionally cover our entire Conference in prayer throughout the year, uniting us together as we lift each other up and trust God to do amazing things.


Tamyra Horst

Tamyra Horst

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Prayer Ministries
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Tamyra is the author of several books on prayer including “Praying Like Crazy for Your Kids,” “Praying Like Crazy for Your Husband,” and “Teach Us to Pray.” She believes that prayer is not just a way to present your needs before God, but also a way to grow deeper in your relationship with Him and fight the battle for our own hearts, for the hearts of those we love, and for those around us who need the hope and peace God offers.