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The General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists has set Sabbath, April 4, 2020, as a day of prayer and are inviting churches and believers around the world to come together to pray for the COVID-19 Pandemic impacting our communities, countries, and churches.

Click here to download the day of prayer materials. This resource includes a sermon/devotional, along with a guide for the prayer time.

Just want a list of what we can be praying for this during this time?

Here are a few things for which to pray specifically:

  • For those sick with COVID-19, asking God to heal, strengthen, and encourage.
  • For the vulnerable population amongst us—the elderly and those with compromised immune systems, pray for their health and protection, for people to help provide for their needs during this time, running errands, picking up groceries and brightening their day with a call or email
  • For those who think they can’t get the virus and don’t take the precautions of social distancing, they may not only endanger themselves, but potentially carry the disease to others, ask God to convict them to help in this moment
  • Pray for those who have lost loved one during this pandemic, that God will bring comfort and peace, an assurance of His presence
  • For our government leaders locally, state, federal, etc. Pray for wisdom and guidance in their decisions, ability to provide resources, and messages that they share
  • For the healthcare professionals caring for the ill and their families, pray for strength, protection and courage
  • For researchers who are searching for answers and understanding, for a cure and treatment, that God will guide and provide the answers they need
  • Pray for first responders who are working in communities where the virus is spreading quickly, that God will protect them and their families, giving them patience, wisdom and a gentle spirit as they are the first to reach those afraid and struggling with the virus’s symptons
  • For those who battle mental health challenges, anxieties and/or addiction—this time of isolation and staying home with constant news from a variety of sources may bring additional anxieties, fear, and turning to substances or thoughts of suicide; pray that God brings courage and hope, sends people to minister to them through calls and texts, and reveals Himself and His presence
  • For those trying to get home from and unable to because of limited or grounded flights, that God will bring peace and protection where they are, and opportunities to be home
  • For the media providing constant updates and resources that their news would communicate the seriousness without causing panic or fear
  • For those who are laid off from work or not able to work during this time, that God will bring peace and provide for their needs
  • For children who are home from school, that God will give them peace and calm, even fun memories with their parents as they have more time together than usual
  • For parents with children at home for weeks, asking God to give them ideas and patience, a focus on making memories with their kids and helping their kids flourish and not be fearful
  • For parents who cannot be home and need to continue working, that God will provide support and ways for their children to be safe and cared for
  • For single parents juggling even more than usual, asking God to provide support and friends who can encourage, for people who can provide care is safe ways
  • For students who are attempting to continue to learn through distance learning, that God would just guide, give wisdom to teachers, understanding and patience for parents, and help kids to focus and get their work not only done, but truly learn during this time
  • For those working during this time to ensure that people have access to food, medicines, and supplies, that God will protect them—they are at risk of catching the disease every day and may fear taking it home to their families
  • For those needing therapy, tests or procedures that are now postponed until the pandemic is over, asking God to give them good health, help them get the tests they need, and to be patient and filled with peace
  • Pray for those who don’t know God, that this pandemic will bring a seeking and desire for God and that He will reveal Himself and connect them with the gospel message
  • Pray for our pastors and church leaders as they seek ways to keep the church family connected and worshipping together, pray for technology to work and for people to learn new ways of uniting together, pray for wisdom as they prepare messages for their members and for their communities—online services are reaching more than just those who typically sit in our pews
  • Pray for our members to find creative ways to be the light in their neighborhoods and communities, practicing social distancing, but also being God’s hands and feet to those in need or who are struggling with loneliness or fear
  • Pray for those who once believed but are no longer worshiping, that God will draw them back, and cause them to seek Him and to look for a faith community to be a part of and draw encouragement from—pray for the churches reconnecting with those who have not attended regularly but are now seeking God and faith
  • Pray that God would daily remind us that we can trust Him, that He is still in control, that He has a plan, promises peace, and loves us more than we can comprehend


To create a culture of prayer for our Conference, churches, and members that grows them deeper in their relationship with God–giving them strength, courage, and impact in their own lives, the lives of those they love, in their ministries and that ultimately impact their communities.

By My Spirit

Prayer for the Holy Spirit is the foundation of success in God’s work. As church members pray daily for the outpouring of the Spirit, we will see the promised blessing come. “To those who wait humbly upon God…is the Spirit given. The power of God awaits their demand and reception. This promised blessing, claimed by faith, brings all other blessings in its train.” (The Desire of Ages, p. 672)

Prayer is one of our eight strategic initiatives for 2018-2023. We desire to see our members praying for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. It is when we unite together in prayer, then serving and giving, that we will fulfill the mission and reach everyone, everywhere with the gospel.



Prayer for the Holy Spirit is the foundation of success in God’s work. As church members pray daily for the outpouring of the Spirit, we will see the promised blessing come. “To those who wait humbly upon God…is the Spirit given. The power of God awaits their demand and reception. This promised blessing, claimed by faith, brings all other blessings in its train.” (The Desire of Ages, p. 672)


Join our United Together in Prayer Facebook Prayer Group and receive prayer requests, pray together with others online, and share prayer requests. This is one way to share requests instantly and to pray “together” digitally.


Join our team in praying for the specific needs of our Conference and ministries. As part of the Pennsylvania Prayer Partners team, you’ll receive monthly emails with prayer requests and updates. We’ve seen God do amazing things in response to these prayers!


Unite with members from across our Conference for our weekly Monday evening prayer call, 8:30-9:00 pm.

Dial 605.472.5260 Code 662834


Each month we encourage churches and members to lift up one of our schools in prayer throughout the entire month, believing that God impacts our students, their families, and our staff.

April Education Prayer Focus is Reading Seventh-day Adventist Junior Academy, Reading, Pa.


Each week we pray for a specific church district or ministry and their pastor/leader enabling us to intentionally cover our entire Conference in prayer throughout the year, uniting us together as we lift each other up and trust God to do amazing things.


Tamyra Horst

Tamyra Horst

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Tamyra is the author of several books on prayer including “Praying Like Crazy for Your Kids,” “Praying Like Crazy for Your Husband,” and “Teach Us to Pray.” She believes that prayer is not just a way to present your needs before God, but also a way to grow deeper in your relationship with Him and fight the battle for our own hearts, for the hearts of those we love, and for those around us who need the hope and peace God offers.