Prophecies of Hope

Ready to share the Word of God? Want to impact someone’s life for eternity?

We’ve made it simple with our Prophecies of Hope Bible study series. Each lesson has an easy to follow guide and a video lesson with Gary Gibbs. Invite someone to study. Watch the videos together and then do the study guides. Encourage those with whom you are studying to also subscribe to the channel.

Go to the YouTube channel and click “Subscribe” to make the channel simple for you to find–and will also enable notifications when a video is added. Watch the video before sharing it with those you are studying with so that you have a basic understanding of the lesson.

Bible Study Guides

Print copies of the lesson PDF for each person in the study and one for yourself.

Lesson 1: Our Day in Bible Prophecy
Lesson 2: The Mark of the Beast Issue
Lesson 3: Bible Secrets to Personal Peace
Lesson 4: Power for Living
Lesson 5: Prophecy’s Superpowers
Lesson 6: A Bold Attack on God
Lesson 7: The Bible’s Most Important Prophecy
Lesson 8: The Longest Time Prophecy
Lesson 9: God’s Great Judgement
Lesson 10: Satan’s Secret Strategy
Lesson 11: Prophecy’s Day of Hope
Lesson 12: The Missing Text
Lesson 13: Revelation’s Glorious Rapture
Lesson 14: Death’s Mystery Solved
Lesson 15: Prophecy’s 1000 Years of Peace
Lesson 16: The Truth About Hell
Lesson 17: Fit for the End Time
Lesson 18: Door to a New Life
Lesson 19: The Abomination of Desolation
Lesson 20: Mark of the Beast
Lesson 21: America in Prophecy
Lesson 22: Revelation’s Two Women
Lesson 23: Cleansed from the Inside Out
Lesson 24: Modern Prophets
Lesson 25: The Unpardonable Sin
Lesson 26: What Will Heaven Really Be Like?