2023 Treasury Training Seminars

President’s Welcome & Mission

Gary Gibbs

Session 1

Kevin Costello

Session 2

Kevin Costello

Session 3

Kevin Costello

Session 4

Kevin Costello

Tools to Make Your Life Easier

Clyde Thomas

Watch after Session 2.

Your Insurance Matters

Vilma Reynolds

How to Survive Your Audit

Manual Gonzalez

2021 Treasury Training Seminars

Insurance Policies and Current Risks

Vilma Reynolds

Local Church Tax Issues

Tom Wetmore

Roles & Responsibilities of the Local Treasurer

Emmanuel Asiedu

2019 Treasury Training Seminars

Internal Controls

Horacio Hernandez-Ble

Locally Funded Employees

Liz Miranda


Sara Ramos

Adventist Giving

Rodney Brown

Church Credit & Debit Cards

Carlos Charnichart

ARM – Adventist Risk Management

Tim Bullard


Carlos Charnichart

The Role of the Treasurer

Carlos Charnichart