Winsome Witnessing

Winsome Witnessing

You can impact one person for the kingdom this year!

“It is through personal contact and association that men are reached by the saving power of the gospel. They are not saved in masses, but as individuals. Personal influence is power.”

MB, p. 36

Our Winsome Witnessing resources will help you discover dynamic ways to share your faith! You’ll learn simple skills to lead people to Christ, insights to revitalize your church, a proven strategy to give impacting Bible studies, and much more in this seminar that has changed lives around the world.

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Lesson 1 Training

Lesson 1 Q&A

Lesson 2 Training

Lesson 2 Q&A

Lesson 3 Training

Lesson 3 Q&A

Lesson 4 Training

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Lesson 5 Training

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Lesson 6 Training

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Lesson 7 Training

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Lesson 8 Training

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Lesson 9 Training

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Lesson 9 Q&A

Lesson 10 Training

Lesson 10 Q&A